Ysa Rises from the Land of the Dead

January 30, 2010

I’m pretty ashamed that I let this blog die out after only about 2 months. Pathetic. I’ve decided to breathe life into it again. Here’s the new plan:

As I’m an active member of a name forum, In The Name Of, I won’t so much be posting hypothetical name combos here as making posts on new names I’m interested in and their histories, name trends around the world, thoroughly name nerd-type things. However, here are my list of v favorite girls’ and boys’ combos if you are interested in my style (which has changed distinctly over the last 9 or so months). Be warned, it’s a long list:


Rosalind Vera Cecile

Hestia Josephine Sarai

Paloma Doris Aveline

Rosalba Hero Pauline

Olive Calypso Pearl

Cecilia Anne Melantho

Freya Lilias Hannelore

Florence Coppélia Plum

Norah Juniper Vashti

Clarice Padma Beatriu

Zillah Jean Marigold

Susanna Mehetabel Jane

Dorothea Hazel Isatou

Eudora Alice Leontine

Lucretia Iris Gwendoline

Winifred Portia Valentine

Olympia Betony Maxine

Rohana Sylvie Melusine

Maeve Zenobia Frances

Petra Calliope Ingram

Constance Emily Lucasta

Pearl Vera Madelief

Enid Jocasta Saffron

Ruzena Lucy Dagmar

Boys (not nearly so many here, and not so elaborate, though I love them all the same):

Malcolm Ferdinand

Lloyd Edwin

Bertram David

Anselm Douglas

Quentin Alphonse

Clyde Antony

Donovan Maurice

Lysander Ambrose

Christopher Gabriel “Kit”

Peter Sigmund

If you read through that, I commend you! 😛 Next up, I get down to business with a name of the day!


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